022: A Flat Earth Doesn’t Fit into an Oblate Spheroid

From the Korea just South of the Korea where war planning is conducted using a Flat Earth model and from the state where Flat Earth Theory is the one of the least worrisome dumb-ass beliefs, this is MēMē Call. In this episode, Paul and Wayne dissect Flat Earth Theory.

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BBQ Becky Calling Police on Dr. Michael Lindsey
BBQ Becky Calling Police on Dr. Lindsey.

ChitChat (02:27)

Paul and Wayne remember Anthony Bourdain.

Flat Earth Theory (04:52)

A YouGov study in April of 2018 revealed that about 2% of Americans believe the Earth is flat.

MMC022 Flat Earth

Flat Earthers think that since no nation has laid claim on Antarctica, they can raise an eyebrow to the round theory.

MMC022 Flat Earth

The U-2 is USAF asset used for day and night, high-altitude, all-weather intelligence gathering.

It flies at 70,000 feet.

MMC022 Flat Earth

A body of water that conforms to the curvature of the earth bulges at the center.

Samuel Birley Rowbotham conducted the Bedford Level Experiment in 1838.

D Marble conducted his version of the experiment in 2017.

Mick West at Metabunk.org addressed D Marble’s “experiment.”

MMC022 Flat Earth

NASA photo-shopped all of their images of Earth.

MMC022 Flat Earth

The sun’s rays should come in straight.

MMC022 Flat Earth

Flat bottoms
Flat bottoms
Talk about pancakes
Clouds they got ’em

In summation, Earth is not fucking flat!

News (23:11)

Paul, host of the popular show “Who Wants to Be a Won Millionaire,” challenges Wayne with questions from some completely random relatively recent news.

Next Episode

On next week’s episode, Paul and Wayne will continue their series on the U.S. Constitution when they dissect the Third and Fourth Amendments.

Farewell & Gratitude

We want to thank Xavier Lee and Mark Calvin for being the icy mass that encases MēMē Call, and we also want to thank Aidan Clancy who loves it when we kick him right in the ice hole as he bends over to take a pea. We would be remiss if we didn’t thank our patrons. We want to give a special thank you to our newest patrons Tay Queen, who is an aspiring Romance writer…you can check her out on Patreon and Sling-Nuts who is an aspiring circus performer. Last but not least, we absolutely have to thank the Blue Tits.

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