016: The Second Amendment…A Well-Aggravated Militia


From the Korea where you can have a firearm if you keep it locked up at the local police station and from the state where an AR-15 is the participation medal at your kid’s soccer game, this is MēMē Call. In this episode, Paul and Wayne take a stroll down Second Amendment history lane as they dissect this highly debated vision of the Forefathers.

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ChitChat (03:03)

Paul keeps building shit even though he’s dealing with a family crisis and explores the IRS’ payment plan, and Wayne has a new shaker bottle that served him well at a red-carpet event in Seoul where he met Cho Jae-hoon of the Stella Foundation, singer Im Byeong-su, and Miss Korea 2013 Han Ji-eun.

The Second Amendment (08:41)

The whole view of gun ownership changed in the 1970s.

Morpheus on the Second Amendment

An increase in Second Amendment fervor began in the Reagan Era.

They tried to reinvigorate McCarthyism.

It’s the reason we have the Comic Code Authority, too.

Of specific note is that one of Justice Scalia‘s decisions changed the whole way we view gun ownership.

After 9-11 and as a result of the Patriot Act, we saw an increase in nationalism.

The Trump regime and the Blue Lives Matter “movement” exacerbated people’s desire to own projectile weapons.

After the Cold War, the United States started losing its grip on the world.


Just because other things kill more people doesn’t mean we shouldn’t do anything about the guns.

It seems some people think the armed forces are just full of mindless drones.


The meaning of the entire Amendment hinges on the definition of “well-regulated”.

Which word do you want to focus on: free or state?

Whatever the meaning of the rest of the Amendment is, “shall not be infringed” really is clear as Kushner.

I can defend my home should the need arise, provided I kill the intruder to avoid a civil lawsuit.

A leader of a democratic republic declaring war on his/her own populace equals financial suicide.

The argument should address what gun control and other policies would regulate the militia that is the American people.

Continuing in the direction we’re going equates to absurdity.

Kurt Andersen makes some very relevant points in his book “Fantasyland“.


Next Episode

What was Chuck Norris’ Air Force job when he served in Korea?

A – He a corporate lackey for the AAFES merchandise sales monopoly on military installations, even though most of them don’t sell firearms.
B – He was Security Police at Osan Air Base.
C – He was one of those shifty heraldry salesman at the base exchange.
D – He was whatever he wanted to be, and no one dared say differently even Bruce Lee.

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Farewell & Gratitudes

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