013: Public Education is Wah Waah Wah Wah, Part 1


From the Korea where 15-year-olds rank third in math and science worldwide, and from the state that focuses on their history long before national or world history, this is MēMē Call. For the next two episodes, Paul and Wayne will discuss public education with KAIST professor and KAIST Podcast host Mik Fanguy.

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ChitChat (02:22)

Paul pays homage to Adam Savage and smile-pouts about someone special leaving him for a while. Also, Wayne may become a wrestling ring announcer?

This Episode’s Guest

Mik Fanguy is a professor at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology or KAIST. He is also the host of the KAIST Podcast.  Additionally, Mik is a published researcher. Most importantly, though, he is a good friend of Wayne’s.

Common Core State Standards Initiative (07:07)

A middle-aged, possibly bordering on elderly couple kind of sums up the points I’d like to make about Common Core today.

It’s actually the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI).

The nation’s governors and corporate leaders founded Achieve, Inc. in 1996 as a bipartisan organization to raise academic standards and graduation requirements

Initial motivation for the development of the Common Core State Standards was part of the American Diploma Project (ADP).

A 2004 report, found that employers and colleges are demanding more of high school graduates than in the past.

A Bachelor’s degree arguably equates to the new high school diploma.

Development started in 2009, with standards released on June 02, 2010

CCSSI placed more focus on English up front.

42 states are currently members; some states adopted and later repealed; Virginia and Texas wrote their own standards.

Common Core is just a bulleted check list.

The Department of Education originally tried to use the No Child Left Behind Act and the grants it offered as a carrot to adopt Common Core.

The 2015 Obama-Era Every Student Succeeds Act expressly prohibited state-sponsored coercion in regards to Common Core.

We think that kids have to meet these milestones in order to succeed.

Some states in the United States would be relatively low on international education rankings.

We were teaching rote memorization and set responses instead of the best way to figure out a problem.

I’m sure part of their goal was to defeat influence by groups like the Daughters of the Confederacy.

I learned irony from Alanis Morissette.

That’s the fucking point of Common Core! College kids are not prepared for college.


In no way does he even come close to “owning” the kids. Also, a great number of educators and parents were and are involved with developing Common Core.

I would let Bill Gates godfather my kids.

This is all true!

Memes about this usually come back to parents missing the point of what appears to be applying a complex process to a simple problem.

The methodology teaches kids strategies, not just solutions.

A few bad problems doesn’t mean the entire objective is wrong.

It would have been cool if there would have been another “t” in there.

Where the hell did phonics come from?

We use phonemes to speaks.

Bayou La Batre is pronounced ball a baa tree.

Morpheus, that’s exactly the opposite of the intent of the program.

Common Core came about because American education was lacking in many ways.

People as a whole are averse to change, not progress.

If something changes, that’s the way you get forward.

The only way you can advance the process is to reinvent the process.

Once humans get convinced of something, it’s improbable they will change their minds.

You also have to look at the incentives of the participants in the program.

They look like the Nihilists from The Big Lebowski.

The true aim is to set the bar.

If this is what individualism looks like, it needs to be stamped out.

You can’t be an individual if you come from a minority, according to this meme.

Common Core Standards
Rational Wiki

Farewell & Gratitudes

We want to thank Xavier Lee and Mark Calvin for making us just a little SMRTR with their behind-the-scenes work on MēMē Call, and we also want to thank Aidan Clancy for going out of town on a business trip and doing fuck-all with this episode. We want to thank Mik Fanguy one more time for joining us on this episode. We would be remiss if we didn’t thank you, our listeners, and of course, we want to thank the Blue Tits.Leave us a review on iTunes or at memecallpodcast.com, and follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share your thoughts on Public Education with us.

Paul Pascal
Wayne Valley

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