008: Paul & Wayne’s 80s Mix Tape, Vol. 1


From the Korea that hosted the 1988 Summer Olympics and from the city that gave us “Killer Nurse” Genene Jones, this is MēMē Call. In this episode, Paul and Wayne reminisce about growing up in all of the glory of the 1980’s. From classic movies and music to Saturday morning cartoons, thinking about the decade brings back fond memories for the hosts. This episode is their extended ChitChat about being a kid in the decade that saw the Berlin Wall crumble, Crockett and Tubbs fight drug Lords, punk rock and hip hop rise to greatness, and super hot female cartoon characters enchant youth with furry and plushy fantasies.

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ChitChat (01:27)

Paul got remarried to become Mr. Paul Pascal, and he apparently became one of Teddy Roosevelt’s Rough Riders. Wayne is super stoked about the Winter Olympics, specifically curling, and he opines about fatherhood and sitting around naked with a pride of Korean men.

Relatively Recent News (10:28)

Paul’s 1980s Meme (15:11)

We didn’t really have image memes.

Parental Advisory labels started in the 1980s




There is an image that could encapsulate the greater part of my 80s.

I think you know I was a pink rock kid, not a hip hop kid.

If you had to pick your three favorite cartoons from the 80s, what would they be?

You could have Satan on Saturday, but then on Sunday you had to have your good, clean fun.

They were called cereal cartoons.

If you had to choose between A-Team and Airwolf, which would it be?

We’re gonna do a “Hot or Not” style rating.

I think maybe she was just too pure for me.

We definitely know what Lion-O was doing with his sight beyond sight.

I cannot approve of your childhood taste in cartoon characters.

She reminds me of a kick-ass version of Cara Santa Maria.

Guess I should have paid attention to the parental warning.

Wayne’s 1980s Meme (22:54)

Down here, it’s our time!  It’s our time down here!

Medly of 1980s greats



There were so many great movies in the 80s.

I can’t live without Molly Ringwald.

No, Paul, I didn’t go looking for a dead body.

I was redneck cool!

I can say wrasslin just fine.

What’s a clay pit?

My fondest memories are working on my dad’s shrimp boat.

Where did you guys shrimp out of? Don’t tell me…

We caught huge sea creatures.

He jumped in the water with these feeding fucking sharks.

They were luminescent. The water that moved around our hands glowed!

He closed the lid and covered it with dirt! I could have suffocated in there.

The Best and Worst of the 1980’s (32:16)

Paul and Wayne discuss so much 80s: Gremlins, Thriller, The Lost Boys, Ewoks: Battle for Endor, Miami Vice, Murder She Wrote, Dynasty, Dallas, Silver Spoons, candy cigarettes, black licorice, Big League Chew, Pixie Stix, Fun Dip, Now and Laters, bad hair, Charles in Charge, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the Challenger incident.  Paul really hated Thriller by Michael Jackson, and Wayne was not as strong at riding his bicycle as he thought he was. Finally, Wayne found out that the Ramones are way better than Alabama History.

We want to thank The Scathing Atheist crew for using our Farnsworth submission so quickly. It was a great surprise in the middle of a shitty week.  Check out episode 257 at www.audioboom.com/channel/scathing-atheist.  We also want to thank our audience. As always, we want to thank the Blue Tits.

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