006: Pie Jesu Domine (on the business of religion)


In this episode, Paul and Wayne talk some about the dark side of the religion industry. Then, they bring on an old friend who has some thoughts on how to help him help you help yourself by helping him. And, Wayne is still talking about Harmony the sex robot. In short, Pie Jesu Domine, dona eis requiem (Blessed Lord Jesus, grant them rest).

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Chit Chat (01:28)

Paul talks about delivering toys to underprivileged kids and how he almost went home with a bunch of extra kids. Then, Wayne talks about the stress of life and the so-called “Episode 5 Ordeal.” Finally, Wayne and Paul talk about about how you should choose your friends wisely.

Current News (06:48)

The Artist’s Inspiration for All the Lone-Wolf T-Shirts (09:49)

Here’s an artist’s rendition of our special guest, Mike:

Paul’s Meme (11:55)

I can’t believe I played right into your fucking trap.

Just one of many pics based on the kool-aid meme.
Purple drink is what inspired me to sit back and ponder my new religion.
Don’t fuck with the kids. That pisses me right the fuck off.
Don’t drink the kool-aid.

Wayne’s Meme (18:30)

A huge-ass fucking gold throne.
Religion in the United States is worth $1,200,000,000,000!
Joel Osteen, go fuck yourself!
$1.2 Trillion is a shitload of money. (more than top ten US tech companies combined)
Most churches are goddamn self-licking ice cream cones.
A lot of them are just there for people to show up, listen to the preacher preach for a bit, eat the snacks, and then head to the house to watch football.
There’s free coffee.

Mike’s Meme (26:10)

It takes me back to a day when, possibly after a few beverages, I started going into deep thought about how I could market my own religion.

The money will be helpful.

My religion is based on principles of helping people, myself included.

No sacrificing…probably not eating babies or anything like that.

It could be, The Real Good Book.

That’s really not my cup of ice.

I think I do need some sort of entourage with this.

[Not one] of those suicide, drink the Kool-Aid, light the fuse type religions.

I’m willing to take their money and try to provide that service too.

The only thing I do like about Christianity is they put a number on it. (10%)

Background: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Baptism_for_the_dead

I gotta find the tax escapes…I gotta get lawyers involved.

I’m not gonna live for those next generations. So if somebody’s a millionaire and they wanna put that money in now for the future generations, I’m more than willing to accept that.

I told you, I’m a giver.

Special: Better Than Sex (34:52)

Sex is great and all, but….

I think everybody needs a little bone once in a while.

Paul and I have finally, successfully embarked on a long-time dream to share our thoughts with the world. And it feels great.


Paul Pascal
Wayne Valley



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