005: The Rain on the Plain is Mainly a Pain

In this episode, Paul and Wayne are joined by comedian and fellow Mimi Aidan to discuss the privileges and problems of the First World, and they even expand their focus to talk about a Korean issue called Hell Joseon.

Direct Link to Audio: https://audioboom.com/posts/6566810-the-rain-on-the-plain-is-mainly-a-pain.mp3

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Paul’s Meme (11:26)

Paul makes some great points about the general privilege of living in the United States. No matter how bad we think we may have it, we must keep in perspective that there are others truly suffering…physically suffering around us.

Wayne’s Meme (17:14)

Wayne complains about how porn is unavailable these days without the internet cause pictures just don’t do it for him anymore. Also, he talks about how ludicrous dependence on the internet is, especially when a person feels like life is boring without it, especially when a person needs the internet to make podcast episodes.

Aidan’s Meme (23:32)

Aidan surprises Paul and Wayne by broaching a serious social topic in Korea that involves privilege. This topic is so complex that Paul and Wayne will use an entire episode to address it later.


Mimi Memories (30:46)

Kids these days can’t follow directions.
You better give that shit back!


Paul Pascal
Wayne Valley


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