003: I, Too, Am Spartacus

In this episode, Wayne and Paul get serious about some of the issues surrounding #metoo and share some of their personal experiences.

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Chit Chat

Paul’s 2017 Halloween Costume

Paul’s Meme (09:46)

Paul uses the trite hand-up-a-puppet’s ass analogy to lay some groundwork to our discussion about #metoo.  Basically, Jim Henson was a perv. Besides this, Paul points out the double standard in society when it comes to men and women who are #metoo victims.


Wayne’s Meme (15:30)

Wayne shines a spotlight on Christian hypocrisy in regards to issues like #metoo.  A person doesn’t get to say they support #metoo victims while condoning misogyny and the submission of women. There’s no dichotomy between christian and non-christian when it comes to sexual harassment, abuse and assault. It’s awful all of the time.



Listener Meme (20:31)

Is it true that men subconsciously objectify women? Surely, it is. It’s in our nature. We evolved with it biologically and had it force-fed to us socially. It takes a conscious effort for us men to overcome our dispositions and treat all people like the people they are.


Answer the Meme (24:58)

Oh, my fucking Christ! Paul hates Steven Seagal. Also, Nick Cage is not a good actor. Just saying.


Thanks again for the listen.  You keep listening, and we’ll keep putting the episodes out there.

Paul Pascal
Wayne Valley


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