002: Kneel to the King (Remastered)

In this episode, Paul and Wayne are joined by their friend Xavier to talk about #takeaknee and some of the issues surrounding it.

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Paul’s Meme (06:03)

Paul provides a #takeaknee perspective from a veteran.  Not only did he serve in the military, he retired from it. Paul give solid reasoning for why it is essential that we Americans hear everyone’s point of view…from start to finish.


Wayne’s Meme (12:47)

Wayne tells us the story of how he grew up racist, proving once again that people are not born racist.  He emphasizes that anyone, with effort, can rid themselves of bullshit beliefs.  However, once a racist, always a racist, and Wayne approaches issues like #takeaknee from the perspective of a recovering racist…ever recovering.


Xavier’s Meme (19:52)

Xavier gives great insight into individual perception by laying down multiple sides of the #takeaknee arguments.  However, just because we listen with empathy doesn’t mean we agree.


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Paul Pascal
Wayne Valley


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