001: This is MēMē Call

Welcome to the podcast where two Mimis use memes as a jump-off to dissect our modern life. This is MēMē Call! (No, it’s not Meme Call.) In this episode, Paul and Wayne introduce themselves in the MēMē Call way – with memes.  Wayne gives insight into his daily schedule, and Paul talks about how his childhood influenced the person he is today.

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Wayne’s Meme (01:14)

So…on with your dogma.

meme call schedule

Wayne was born a poor, white boy in LA. That’s lower Alabama. And, despite his Southern Baptist rearing (much different than Catholic rearing), Wayne now spends his days praising the Dark Lord.

Paul’s Meme (06:07)

Mother fucking birds on a motherfucking painting!

meme call Sam Ross

Paul thinks he was born a poor, black boy in Illinois, and don’t you dare try to tell him differently! He enjoys long walks on the beach, using words arbitrarily reserved for adults, and binging on soft porn through a scrambled signal.

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Paul Pascal
Wayne Valley


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This episode was remastered on May 12, 2018.

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