MēMē Call 005: The Rain on the Plain is Mostly a Pain

In this episode, Paul and Wayne are joined by comedian and fellow Mimi Aidan to discuss the privileges and problems of the First World, and they even expand their focus to talk about a Korean issue called Hell Joseon.

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Chit Chat (01:05)

News (06:16)

Paul’s Meme (11:26)
I’m not worried about roving bandits coming in and taking my women folk. 
Wayne’s Meme (17:14)
It’s like being proud of a mountain nearby.

Aidan’s Meme (23:32)
That’s sway.  You’ve got sway or swagger.

Mimi Memories (30:46)
Kids these days can’t follow directions.
You better give that shit back!


Paul Pascal
Wayne Valley


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